The baby Sandhill Cranes are all hatching out.

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Most sandhill cranes live in freshwater wetlands. They are opportunistic eaters that enjoy plants, grains, mice, snakes, insects, or worms. They often dig in the soil for tubers and can sometimes cause significant crop damage, which brings them into conflict with farmers. Sandhill Cranes start breeding at two years of age, Sandhill Cranes may reach the age of seven before breeding. They mate for life—which can mean two decades or more—and stay with their mates year-round. Juveniles stick close by their parents for 9 or 10 months after hatching.




This is one of my favorite images, this resident Coyote lives in a Cemetery in Downtown Orlando, I have been photographing and watching her for about 5yrs now.  On this particular day I had stopped by to check on her to find that she was out sunning and enjoying the day, as I approached she decided to head into the shadows and figured I couldn’t see her if she was hiding behind a grave stone, which made a very emotional image.


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